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==Conversion Procedures==
==Conversion Procedures==
See: [[PiPrius conversion process]]
* [[PiPrius conversion process]]
* [[Prius OEM fan control]]

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Rich Rudman of Manzanita Micro, Ryan, and PriusBlue, are working on a Prius PHEV implementation using a PFC40H, an upgraded PFC30, as a DC-DC converter and charger. Mk 3 Regs are also used to keep the pack healthy and determine when to stop discharging the new pack. You can find out more about the PiPrius conversion process with these instructions.

Converted Vehicles:

  1. 2006 May - PriusBlue was/is the original testbed for these kits.
  2. 2006 Oct - WhiteBird for Chelan County’s Advanced Vehicle Initiatives.
  3. 2006 Nov - GrayPearl for Todd Dore's of the Fox Vally EAA.

Some old pages that need to be cleaned up...

Misc development related stuff:

Some EVDL threads


Cap0040-41, 11 miles >99.9mpg
Cap0060, 28 miles 78.5mpg
Cap0120, 22 miles 58mpg

Current CAN-View Relay settings:

RL2: on <69 off >70%SOC & on >70 off <70Acl
RL3: on <74 off >74%SOC & on >50 off <45mph
RL4: OEM/PHEV selected & >40Acl & Bat <111degF
RL5: unused
RL6: on <74 off >74%SOC & on >50 off <45mph Moving to RL3
RL2 (Low) and RL6 (High) speed SOC driven relays are connected in parallel to trigger the PFC to enter NiMH High Voltage setpoint (239V), otherwise PFC is in NiMH Low Voltage setpoint (227v).

CAN-View Logs from Initial PHEV Test & Tune runs:

Added LowBatReg, a single MarkIII regulator which communicates with PFC to lower current levels in order to keep known lowest PbA battery above 10.0v. Eventually all batteries will have such regulators protecting each from over and under voltage events. Regs will also enhance the ability to equalize the pack and charge safely without manual monitoring.

Restored OEM cooling system to original state, finished testing degraded OEM cooling.

Each .zip file contains a main description .txt file similar to the comments which describe it. There are also multiple CAN-View Capture "raw" .txt files and their resultant .csv files. Each capture file is described with dash miles-mpg|CAN-View Trip screen miles-mpg|CAN-View Ah Count down from 10Ah, a description of the trip, and the amount of recharge.


More photos at:

Conversion Procedures