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EnergyCS ( was the first for-profit corporation to offer PHEV conversions. Presently, it has completed more PHEV conversions than any other company. It specializes in conversions for the 04-06 Prius. The Amberjac is partnered with EnergyCS to provide conversions in Europe.

The EDrive system will be similar to the PriusPlus History conversion, though it will use a more advanced Valence Li-ion battery pack.

Originally, kits from EnergyCS were installed by EDrive. The two companies have since parted ways, and EDrive is designing its own conversion.

The company principal is Pete Nortman.


  • 2006.04.30 - - Q&A: EDrive’s Greg Hanssen - EDrive’s president says the company plans to launch plug-in conversion kits for the Toyota Prius hybrid this summer.
  • 2006.04.23 - - Plug-In Hybrids Get 100+ MPG - While some automakers use hybrid technology to boost performance, some drivers are raising their MPG.
  • 2006.03.31 - LA, EnergyCS, the Monrovia-based engineering firm, announced today that it has delivered the first Toyota Prius sedan retrofitted with plug-in hybrid technology to California's South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) for testing and evaluation.