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Ford Escape Hybrid

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See the Escape PHEV page for more details.

The Ford Escape Hybrid uses a Series-Parallel powertrain similar to the Toyota Prius. Canadian company Hymotion intends to offer PHEV conversion kits for the Prius and Escape Hybrids, initially to fleets.

  • Net Power 93 hp 71 hp 110 hp 98 hp
  • Engine Type aluminum double overhead cam (DOHC) 16-valve Atkinson cycle inline 4-cylinder
  • Engine Power 133 hp @ 6000 rpm
  • Engine Torque 129 lb-ft @ 4500 rpm
  • Motor Type Permanent magnet AC synchronous motor
  • Motor Power 94 hp (70kW) @ 3000 - 5000 rpm
  • Engine/Motor Combined Power 155 hp
  • Net Torque 105 lb.-ft 89 lb.-ft NA NA
  • Motor Torque 87 lb.-ft 295 lb.-ft. 258 lb.-ft.
  • Electric Motor Voltage 330 V
  • Gasoline Engine Displacement 2.3 L 4cyl CVT
  • Battery Pack 330v (250 cells in 50 modules with 5 cylindrical cells each).