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Shanghai, China. May 31, 2009: Enginer Environmentech LLC to use Lithium Ion Phosphate battery.


User Manual for Generation 1 Prius File:Enginer PHEV User Manual Generation 1 Prius.pdf

User Manual for Generation 2 Prius File:Enginer PHEV User Manual Generation 2 Prius.pdf

User Manual for Generation 2 Prius Kit Version 6 User Manual for Generation 2 Prius Kit Version 6

User Manual for Generation 3 Prius File:Enginer PHEV User Manual Generation 3 Prius.pdf

2KWH User Manual File:PriusPHEVManual.pdf



Initially, Chinese company Enginer is offering the PHEV upgrade in two models: the 2kWh/4kWh for the Prius and the 4kWh L12 for the Ford hybrid SUVs. This innovation is not expensive. The kit will pay for itself in 2-3 years.


Enginer has been continuously working to improve their product since launch. Current kits are made to be nearly plug and play. The Enginer kits are designed to require minimal modification of the stock Prius. Because of this, all-electric driving is obtainable for short distances even though the kit design is primarily for mileage enhancement.

Enginer will sell 1000 units of 2KWH systems for $1,200 each, 100 units for $1,500, or a single unit for $1995 plus an undetermined installation charge or the option of self installation after receiving training.

Enginer patent pending conversion method is licensed free for individuals and very minimum loyalty fee ($10/per device) for commercial companies.

EnginerWiring.jpg PriusEnergyMonitor.JPG

2004-2009 Enginer Installation

Remove panels

2007-01.JPG 2007-02.JPG 2007-03.JPG 2007-04.JPG 2007-05.JPG 2007-06.JPG 2007-07.JPG 2007-08.JPG 2007-09.JPG 2007-10.JPG 2007-11.JPG 2007-12.JPG 2007-13.JPG 2007-14.JPG 2007-15.JPG 2007-16.JPG

2007-17.JPG Mark mounting hole position

Drill 6 mounting holes

2007-18.JPG 2007-19.JPG 2007-20.JPG 2007-21.JPG 2007-22.JPG 2007-23.JPG 2007-24.JPG

Assemble Batteries (pre-2010 kits) Newer kits come with pre-wired self-contained batteries in 2KWH cases.

2007-25.JPG 2007-26.JPG 2007-27.JPG 2007-28.JPG 2007-29.JPG 2007-30.JPG 2007-31.JPG 2007-32.JPG 2007-33.JPG 2007-34.JPG 2007-35.JPG

Connecting HV cable

2007-36.JPG 2007-37.JPG 2007-38.JPG 2007-39.JPG 2007-40.JPG 2007-41.JPG

2007-42.JPG 2007-43.JPG 2007-44.JPG 2007-45.JPG 2007-46.JPG 2007-47.JPG 2007-48.JPG

Connecting three wires to HV controller

2007-57.JPG 2007-59.JPG 2007-60.JPG 2007-61.JPG 2007-62.JPG

2007-63.JPG H14 Connector (The bottom one in HV Controller)

2007-64.JPG Clip white wire from PHEV switch to a spare pin insert

2007-65.JPG H14-1 (GND) White-Black, H14-27 EV Pin Insert (White from PHEV switch)

2007-66.JPG H16-2 (CON2) Green connecting Red from PHEV switch

PHEV Performance in city traffic