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EDrive ( is developing a PHEV conversion for the '04-06 Prius.

Originally, EDrive would install kits from EnergyCS. The two companies have since parted ways, and EDrive is designing its own conversion.

The company principal is Greg Hanssen.


  • 2006.04.30 - - Q&A: EDrive’s Greg Hanssen - EDrive’s president says the company plans to launch plug-in conversion kits for the Toyota Prius hybrid this summer.
  • 2006.04.23 - - Plug-In Hybrids Get 100+ MPG - While some automakers use hybrid technology to boost performance, some drivers are raising their MPG.
  • 2006.03.31 - LA, EnergyCS, the Monrovia-based engineering firm, announced today that it has delivered the first Toyota Prius sedan retrofitted with plug-in hybrid technology to California's South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) for testing and evaluation.