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Shanghai, China. Registered 2005 MD-Tech, Maximum Durability Technology use Lithium Ion

Video YouTube Generation 2 Prius Install


  • 2012.12.21 - MD-Tech Attains safe vehicle EMC emissions certification E-Mark, see UN ECE-R10 for the 4kWh PHEV Kit.
    • purchase price in Europe 3200 Euro. For a 4KWh pack with a 4-5 hour charge time, 20 PHEV miles, and adding 75 kg.

Initially, Chinese company MD-Tech is offering the PHEV upgrade : the 4kWh for the Prius


MD-Tech has been continuously working to improve their product since launching their product in collaboration with Enginer. Current kits are made to be nearly plug and play. The MD-Tech kits are designed to require minimal modification of the stock Prius. The kits supply power to the stock hybrid battery with a controlled voltage acting as a battery re-charger. Because of this, all-electric driving is obtainable for short distances even though the kit design is primarily for mileage enhancement.


2004-2009 Enginer Installation

Remove panels

2007-01.JPG 2007-02.JPG 2007-03.JPG 2007-04.JPG 2007-05.JPG 2007-06.JPG 2007-07.JPG 2007-08.JPG 2007-09.JPG 2007-10.JPG 2007-11.JPG 2007-12.JPG 2007-13.JPG 2007-14.JPG 2007-15.JPG 2007-16.JPG

2007-17.JPG Mark mounting hole position

Drill 6 mounting holes

2007-18.JPG 2007-19.JPG 2007-20.JPG 2007-21.JPG 2007-22.JPG 2007-23.JPG 2007-24.JPG

Connecting HV cable

2007-36.JPG 2007-37.JPG 2007-38.JPG 2007-39.JPG 2007-40.JPG 2007-41.JPG

2007-42.JPG 2007-43.JPG 2007-44.JPG 2007-45.JPG 2007-46.JPG 2007-47.JPG 2007-48.JPG

Connecting three wires to HV controller

2007-57.JPG 2007-59.JPG 2007-60.JPG 2007-61.JPG 2007-62.JPG

2007-63.JPG H14 Connector (The bottom one in HV Controller)

2007-64.JPG Clip white wire from PHEV switch to a spare pin insert

2007-65.JPG H14-1 (GND) White-Black, H14-27 EV Pin Insert (White from PHEV switch)

2007-66.JPG H16-2 (CON2) Green connecting Red from PHEV switch

PHEV Performance in city traffic